Brand Equity Maturity Monitor

Monitoring of brand health and value.

What is Brand Equity Maturity Monitor?


Value the brand as the most representative intangible asset of your value proposition.

The position the brand holds in the “mind" of your audiences defines the ability of your business to adapt to new settings.



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Solid scientific research projects indicate that a valuable brand has at least four features:

1. It’s memorable (chosen by the consumer in the main consumption occasions in which this brand competes).
2. It’s significant (solves non-conscious and deep tensions in the audience).
3. It’s pioneering (trendsetter, defining the personality of a market).
4. It’s elastic (adapts with ease to the changing social dynamics without losing its essence).

These four qualities define the brands’ ability to a. Grow in volume, b. Create market future, c. Take control of pricing. These abilities as a whole are known as symbolic brand equity.

Key questions to answer


sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What is our ability to convert a brand's symbolic value into financial value?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  My brand’s cultural, emotional and functional positions (CEF), do they help the profitability objectives of the business?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  How can we align the processes of distribution, service, product, price and trade to support the brand?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  How do we adapt the strategy to social and competitive dynamics, without losing the essence of the value proposition?


Key deliverables


sinnetic_icono_pasar  Strategic indicators: Memorability - Significance - Pioneering position. – Brand elasticity.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Conversion indicators: Power in the market: Current share - Power in the mind: Future share – Premium price.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Impact of touch points on the conversion from symbolic to financial brand equity.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Impact of creativity and content on brand health. 

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Impact of product characteristics on your customer’s preference.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Impact of trade dynamics (promotion, price, display, loyalty programs).

Brand equity maturity monitor benefits

A scientific ecosystem

Integrating information to defend the ground your brand has won over in the mind and preference of your audience.



We have BENCHMARKS in 7 different competition fields: Agribusiness, Pharma & Health, Banking & Insurance, Social Capital, Retail, FMCS, Beauty & Personal Care. This allows us to measure the brand’s performance in reference to its competitive set.



We generate a "What -If" analysis that allows estimating the impact of modifying the investment in touch points, creative dynamics, distribution processes or in the price on the brand value.


Data storytelling

We provide dynamic control panels that allow the reader to interact with the information efficiently and safely on any device.


Data science

We calibrate every key indicator related to symbolic equity with figures from internal sales, distribution, market share and profitability. This way, we are able to estimate the financial value of every percentage point of symbolic brand value.


Machine learning

We integrate conversational intelligence (dynamic on social media, blogs, news, e-commerce) to estimate the CEF positioning (Cultural, Emotional, Functional) by using social listening technologies measured by artificial intelligence.


Integration and drive

Dynamic sampling strategies to gain flexibility collecting information via CAWI, CATI and MOBI.

Regional coverage in Latin America, exporting services to the United States and Europe from our offices in Colombia and Mexico.




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