Decipher myths and rites present in the consumption and on the market through ethnography and anthropology focused on consumption.

What is Cooltura?


Observation of Consumer Behavior in natural scenarios, where accidents take place. “Walking on the street… Where reality takes place”



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Cultural immersion activities to observe the human being behind the “consumer” in natural environments. Observe paradigms and extract value from myths, rites and habits that surround consumption, usage and purchase of products / services.

The psychological need for gregariousness drives the human being to constantly build groups, tribes, participate in consumption occasions, etc. Behind these social scenarios, there is a series of cultural codes that allow brands to be integrated or turned away.

The objective is to decode the culture with the purpose of finding organic ways in which brands, products, services and businesses can grow and flourish.

Key questions to answer


sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What are the myths and rites behind the cultural dimension of the social groups where we want to build a market?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What are the cultural codes behind the consumption actions, habits, paradigms and missions?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  How can we make our brand, product, service and business live organically in the culture?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What cultural and social tensions can our brand solve?


Key deliverables


sinnetic_icono_pasar  Map of consumption myths, rites, habits and paradigms.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Value as a result of social accidents.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Cultural codes and action plan to own or adopt them through Go to market.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Consumption occasions with cultural value.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Analysis of “passion points”.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Modern journey into the modern collective mindset by using digital data.

BENEFITS of Coolture

A scientific ecosystem

Having a holistic vision of your project based on cultural analysis and ethnography.


Context Lab

We create contexts that appeal to consumers to go and do research with us, minimizing biases and giving way to major ethnographic insights.


Natural Language Processing

Use of advances in artificial intelligence to take people’s comments and turn them into a voice that is audible, interpretable and usable in the strategy.


Observation of Accidents

Plan B options are hidden in the accidents and these show new paths for brands. We propose disruption of everyday life to analyze changes and adaptations of consumers.


Digital Ethnography and Netnography

We have digital contexts, technologies and workflows designed to guide digital observation of behaviors


Contextual Intelligence

The intelligence of masses is measurable when you “hit the streets”. When observing how people have gotten organized to live, purchase and consume, we are able to pinpoint insights on Go-to-market opportunities for the brands.


Small Data Intelligence

Find hidden desires and unsolved cultural tensions to increase the market by designing cultures where the brand can compete and win.

Regional coverage in Latin America, exporting services to the United States and Europe from our offices in Colombia and Mexico.




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