Study on uses, habits, attitudes and preferences.

What is Morphology?


Recent scientific findings in psychology, anthropology, economy and data science.

To understand how people adapt their consumption habits, preferences and world vision surrounding categories, products and services; building market volume and value.



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Through methodologies based on behavioral economics and consumer psychology, we analyze the consumer’s need states, generating a psychographic segmentation that allows us to understand the motivations / drivers of the audience.

On the other hand, we analyze the Go-To-Market and how the consumer’s behavior reacts to communication, promotion, product and competition; this enables behavioral segmentation.

The cross between the psychographic and the behavioral segmentations helps locate market territories, which we then quantify in terms of volume and value to define actions and strategies to grow in these territories.

Key questions to answer


sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What are the consumer’s unconscious needs and tensions that have yet to be satisfied by the category?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What is the consumer’s reaction to advertising, promotional stimuli from product and distribution?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  Which are the market territories where we can grow in a resounding manner in terms of volume and value?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  In what market territories can we generate a successful proposal for communication, product, service, display, distribution, price or promotion?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What is the market size in terms of volume and value?


Key deliverables


sinnetic_icono_pasar  Psychographic, behavioral and demographic map of the market.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Analysis of consumer needs, met and unmet by the category.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Key purchase factors and persuasion vectors.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Analysis of dynamics regarding price, promotion, pack, distribution, communication and service, based on their impact on the audiences.

BENEFITS of Morphology

A scientific ecosystem

Having a holistic vision of your project, with in-depth understanding of your customer and of the market.


Behavioral Economics

Analyzing unconscious needs, unsolved by consumers and that explain their preferences and motivations, including powerful segmentation algorithms.


Game Theory

Use of game theory to describe the best combination of product, price, promotion, distribution, communication and service; addressing the demands of every territory.


Consumer psychology

Studying attitudes, emotions and attachments defines and gives shape to consumption behaviors in a market, thus obtaining key behaviors to incentivize or to modify through motivational “nudges”.


Go To market

Find that 20% of levers in the marketing mix capable of mobilizing up to 80% of the brand value in every defined value territory.


Data Science

Use of powerful quantitative methodologies to find relationships and hidden patterns between the psychographic and behavioral segments, to find operational territories in the market.



Dimensioning the market size in consumers, customers, volume and value.

Regional coverage in Latin America, exporting services to the United States and Europe from our offices in Colombia and Mexico.




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