Customer Experience Maturity Monitor

B360º view of the customer’s satisfaction and experience in every “touch point” within the “Customer Journey Map”

What is Customer Experience Maturity Monitor?


The contribution of Neurosciences and Behavioral Economics.

To design service cultures around the customer, generating memorable and significant experiences.



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A program to manage the customer experience starts by analyzing the value proposition of the product or service and how this offer turns into consumable attributes in each of the touch points throughout the customer journey map.

Every attribute of the value proposition has a different weight and a different influence across the journey, which is why we have to classify the attributes into those that are indispensable and those that are barely visible to the consumer.

The game theory is a first-hand resource to select and classify those attributes that best leverage the user experience.

Key questions to answer


sinnetic_pregunta_icono  How is the optimal journey described and what stations does it include?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What is the attribute segmentation of the value proposition (desirable, expected, indispensable attributes) like?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  How are the value proposition’s attributes perceived across the journey?

sinnetic_pregunta_icono  What are the experience settings that have to be carried out to design new behaviors in the audience?


Key deliverables


sinnetic_icono_pasar  Design of customer journey map.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Analysis of value proposition and impact of each and every one of its attributes on customer experience.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  User satisfaction and experience map.

sinnetic_icono_pasar  Behavior adjustment plan to ensure the user has a memorable and meaningful experience with the brand.

Benefits Customer Experience Maturity Monitor

A scientific ecosystem

Having a holistic vision of your project based on user satisfaction and experience analysis.


Customer Journey Map

Methodology formulated based on the organic interaction of users with every touch point placed across the experience map the brand gives them.


Natural language processing

Use of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to take the comments from individuals and turn them into an audible, interpretable and usable voice in the strategy.


Kano Model

Obtaining those product or service attributes within the Customer Journey Map that are responsible for generating expectation, surprise or a perception of efficiency in the consumer.


Behavioral economics

Use of scientific advances in psychology and economics to structure projects aimed at improving the user experience through changes in behavior, not necessarily changes in the processes.


Data science

Use of structural equation models that incorporate the best learnings from the Swedish satisfaction barometer, the Norwegian and US consumer satisfaction index and the Hong Kong index to efficiently analyze the customer experience.


Technical inference

Algorithms to impute the results of interviews in the entire customer database through high-performance predictive modeling to administer totality.

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